English equivalents for the fifth-year college students.

In my country, some senior students in college would deliberately flunk certain courses to stay in school. These courses would be really easy ones, like PE. They prefer spending a fifth or even a sixth year in college to serving in the army upon graduation. We call such practice "delay graduating" and these students "the fifth-year college students." I wonder if there is any English equivalent for the practice or these students.

Help appreciated in advance.
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I suspect that you're speaking about Russian studentsEmotion: smile If yes, I think it will be difficult to find an appropriate equivalent in English...
Sometimes I was called a 'professional student'. I fiddled about in tertiary education for seven years. I didn't flunk anything, though; I just didn't put together the appropriate credits.
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Thank you both for the reply.

I guess the cultural differences really make it hard to find equivalents in languages, but "professional student" would probably be the closest term in meaning. Thank you, Mister Micawber.

And I've always thought of my own country as having a not really advanced but quite liberal democratic government system, and therefore I find it quite amusing that my description evokes an impression of Russian states. It's really fun.

Actually, due to the increased college tuition, fewer and fewer seniors now would deliberately flunk courses to stay at school.
How about a "tourist student"?
An academic butterfly - flitting and sipping through courses?
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Hey, Abbie? would you check your Emails, please?
Hi, Pieanne and Abbie, thanks for the alternatives.

But could you please explain or define what a "tourist student" is, Pieanne? I've never heard of such a term before. I don't suppose it's the same as a student who goes on a short-term study tour abroad, is it?
Well, I'm afraid it's totally made up... That's what my student fellows used to call me back in our university days, but because I always looked perfectly relexed before taking an exam, not because I flunked courses!
I remembered the term, and I thought it would fit the general idea: a registered student, but who acts like a tourist, "visiting" a lecture here and there, now and then, and then deciding to have a nap or go somewhere else...
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