Zinta said that she's confident that Modi is not a secret owner in the Punjab franchise. Modi's relative Mohit Burman, bought into the team at the same time as Zinta and other partners like Karan Paul. Mohit's brother, Gaurav, invested in the team later, said Zinta, and he is not a front for Modi. "The Burmans are a respectable and rich family" she said, adding that it doesn't make sense for Gaurav Burman to serve as a front for anyone.
Modi is likely to be sacked on Monday at a meeting of the Governing Council of the IPL. He has said he will not resign or attend that meeting.
The BCCI top brass boycotted the Awards Night in Mumbai on Friday in the wake of their confrontation with IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi, but franchise owners Preity, Vijay Mallaya (Royal Challengers Bangalore), Shilpa Shetty (Rajasthan Royals) and Shah Rukh Khan (Kolkata Knight Riders) attended it. Asked about this, Preity said nobody should have the impression that the BCCI and franchise owners are on a collision course.
"No, I don't think so that it is BCCI versus franchise owners. It's just how individually we reacted. For us, we wanted to go. It was nice to see cricketers from different team laughing together. It could have been different had controversy not been there," Preity said.

Please explain to me the emboldened parts.

source : http://www.in.com/news/current-affairs/fullstory-preity-no-benami-holdings-in-punjab-kings-xi-136...
Is BCCI bank of crooks and criminals international? (Bank of Credit and Commerce Intrnational)

We say two entities are on a collision course when they both seem committed to plans of action which are against each other's interests and no compromise seems possible. The implication of impending violence is usually only figurative.

In the early days of the railroad, there was at least one case where two giant steam engines were deliberately sent toward each other on the same track at top speed. That's my idea of a collision course.
One also thinks of vessels at sea in a dense fog, headed toward each other.
Thank you Avangi.

Here BCCI stands for Board of Control for Cricket in India