Dear Sirs/ Madams

It would be my grateful if anyone else can enlighten me these colloquial pairs' meanings:

ins and outs cloak and dagger spick and span up and about ups and downs song and dance collar and tie pins and needles sick and tired bits and bobs

prim and proper to and fro odds and ends hard and fast tooth and nail by and large pros and cons down and out length and breadth safe and sound

Thanks in advance for your help,

How about if you do a Google search first and come back and ask for the meanings for the remaining pairs?

You can type in 'phrase meaning' followed by the words on your list.
Dear Sir

Thanks for your advice but due to I even don't understand its meaning and to be honest, I did try my best to find it out, but they are not the kind of vocabularies that you can find in the dictionery. Please tell me if there is any way I can search it out or it is my pleasure to receive reply.

Thanks a lot

Best wishes,
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Dear Mr.Danyoo

Thanks for your advise, however, I did try my best to search it out on goodle or even other ways but to be honest, it is impossible. Due to these words are not the kind of lexicals that you can find out in your dictionery, so I wonder if you can help me. Obviously, it would be easier if I can take out a whole sentence, but actually, I don't even undersand them so you know what I mean.

Hope that can receive your feedback soon,

Best wishes,
re: The colloquialism (Please do me a favour to explain their meanings)

These were answered in this thread.

Please don't double post the same enquiry.
Dear all

I apologise for the inconvenience has caused to you, due to I am not so familiar with the usage as a new member, hence I would accidentially make a mistake like this. I've already got the answer, thank you very much. It is very handy ^^

Hope that can have all your understanding

Sincerely yours,
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