Hi all,
What colloquial word can I use for a song/instrumental from an album? Is "piece" OK? Ex. I love the third piece in Metallica's Black album???
Yeeees, it sounds much better. It means ONE song, right?
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Yes, on a CD, the song n° 4, or the track n° 4.
But if you're listening to the radio, and suddenly you hear a song you like, I don't think you'd say "Hey, I like this track!" "piece" as you've said would sound better to my ears in that instance.
Thank you so much! A friend often asks me to translate for him such things and I always change the sentence because I'm not sure how to write it.
"Ditty" might work
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"ditty"? what's that? well I mean, where does it come from?
'Piece' is more formal, often used about classical music, or formal analysis.

'Track' is the right word for one song on a CD etc.

'Ditty' means a short often comical song, something of no serious consequence.

Song is appropriate in pretty much all circumstances when you are talking about something with lyrics, excluding classical.