Dear Sir/Madam

It would be my grateful if anyone else can enlighten me the meanings of these colloquial pairs

prim and proper to and fro odds and ends hard and fast tooth and nail down and out length and breadth safe and sound

ins and outs cloak and dagger spick and span up and about ups and downs song and dance collar and tie pins and needles sick and tired bits and bobs

Thanks in advance for your help,


You have a lot of these. Here are some very brief comments.

prim and proper fastidious, ceareful, neat

to and fro from one place to another, and back again, repetitively

odds and ends miscellaneous, unimportant, unrelated things

hard and fast clearly defined, not easily changed, eg rules

tooth and nail with every effort, fiercely

down and out no money

length and breadth everywhere

safe and sound very safe and well

ins and outs petty and complete details and methods

cloak and dagger very secret

spick and span very clean and tidy

up and about normal, healthy, not sick anymore, rejoining the world

ups and downs good times and bad times

song and dance unnecessary fuss and difficulty

collar and tie wearing a neat shirt and tie

pins and needles small pains and cramps you get, for example if you sit on your foot in an awkward position. Also use to refer to a feeling of suspense and anticipation.

sick and tired losing patience, angry

bits and bobs similar to 'odds and ends' above

Best wishes, Clive
Googling the phrases, like [url=http://www.google.com/search?as_q=&hl=en&num=10&btnG=Google+Search&as_epq=prim+and+proper&as_oq=&... ]PRIM AND PROPER[/url], will provide you with both plentiful examples and further definitions.
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Can u quote some example on how to use these words? thanks!
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