Is this sentence correct?

I hate him so much: he killed my dog!

I hate him so much—he killed my dog!

or should I say

I hate him so much!: he killed my dog.

I hate him so much!—he killed my dog.

I want to emphasize the first part of the sentence which is: I hate him so much.

Thank you.
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Why not just say this? 'I hate him so much! He killed my dog!'

He killed my dog was intended to be the explanation.
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Absolutely NO on the colon or dash combination.

I prefer Clive's suggestion. If you really don't want to seperate them, then I vote for the dash.
He killed my dog was intended to be the explanation.

If you don't think that's clear enough from 'I hate him so much! He killed my dog!', then I suggest

'I hate him so much because he killed my dog!'

You can't get much clearer than that.

Thank you.

What about this:

Can I write this sentence: "I love you!"?

Is this correct?

What do you suggest?

Thank you.
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I frequently write that message to my husband. It's just fine.
But is GrammarGreek's suggestion correct?

I prefer hers.
I didn't make one. I'm confused now.
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