In the present, teenagers like to wear color contact lenses. In my opinion, they shouldn’t wear color contact lenses for several reasons.

First, color contact lenses are bad for their health. Sometimes, their eyes may be infectious. And wearers may be blind from wearing color contact lenses.

Second, color contact lenses are expensive. Moreover, wearers have to change both of them frequently and have to buy many sets of cleaning solutions, imitation tears and etc.

Finally, their looks are changed by the color contact lenses. Wearers look unnatural while they wear color contact lenses. Out standing looking may be gossiped by their friends and make them feel nervous.

In conclusion, color contact lenses are not good for their health and cause a lot of trouble with their eyes. What do you think about wearing color contact lenses?
I agree with you but teenagers may have their reasons to wear color contact lenses such as keep updating fashion. Additionally, wearing contact lenses may assists to change their looking better. However, wearing contact lenses is still harmful to their health.
I'm disagree, because at this time we have modern technology which affect to a lot of savety ,solution and fashionable . Thus I think , everybody can use it.
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I agree with those reasons for not wear contact lenses. I think that eyes are the softest part in our body ,so contact lenses may be disguised things that put on eyes. My friend forgot to removed contact lenses from his eyes before he slept ,when he wake up his eyes were flushed. The other reason is contact lenses are too expensive for teenager to buy it so do cleaning solution and imitation tears. Those are the reason I think teenagers shouldn't wear color contact lenses.
Ok I agree with you it's harmful for all ages not only teenagers, My sister's friend has myopia and she should wear a medical glasses, but she used the lenses because she thought glasses will make her ugly. After she graduated from university she wanted to do laser for her eyes and when she asked the doctor... the doctor told her it will be dangerous because there is no liquid in her eyes!! and the reason was using the color contact lenses for a long timeEmotion: thinking I don't know if it's true about lenses can cause dry for eyes but this was what I heared from her..
I have no ideas of wearing color contact lenses. However, your points are supportive. Good sharing.
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Seriously I would love to wear colored contact lenses. HA HA I know I would look weird but I just feel like wearing. Like one color for each day of the week. Emotion: big smile And I love green!!!