The colour contrast of the icons used to indicate new posts is too low. It is now very difficult to scan the status of the posts because of the lack of contrast. In addition, this is an accessibility issue. People with colour blindness or different level of vision impairment may find it very difficult or even impossible to use the icons. In fact, using colour alone to convey information is against the W3C accessibility guidelines.

Suggestion: use different icons for new posts and increase the contrast.
The contrast seems okay for me... But you can also see whether a thread has any new replies or not by the colour of the title itself: if it's blue - there are new replies; if it's grey - there aren't.
Oh, yes, you are right. It's strange I couldn't notice that. Anyway, my comments on colour contrast in relation to accessibility still holds. Colour-blindness affects a significant number of people, in particular male. The prevalence is 7 - 10% for male in some populations. Presbyopia starts to develop between the age of 40 and 50. A higher contrast will help them to use the site more comfortably.
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I adjusted it to some degree, a few more adjustments will follow in the next few days.. I'm colour contrast blind too, something to do with hunting they say Emotion: smile red / brown are basically the same colour to me! There has to be a comprimise that fits the wider audience, we can't make things black and white etc Emotion: smile .. I think we're close to that now..
I do find the grey type very hard to see - I'm having to strain to read it.
Another forum I go to has done the same thing and I don't quite understand why the designers don't see the problem. Another colour would be better than grey.
The grey colour is fine for me personally but I can tell from experience that many people will find that hard to read. The grey (#999999) on white (#FFFFFF) combination does not have sufficient contrast according to the W3C AERT algorithm. Although the W3C algorithm is subject to change and is not a "recommendation", it is still a good reference.
There is a Firefox extension for testing colour contrast:

The # 9 9 and # F F above should be # 9 9 9 9 9 9 and # F F F F F F, but somehow, the last four hex digits got filtered out and cannot be displayed. Strange!
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