Blue ---Sad, down.

What are the other colours to describe different feelings?

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I found a page, which describes the meaning of some colors quite thoroughly:
Thanks bluepalms! Emotion: smile
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It was great to describe the web site as you've mentioned, but can I know more about black and white and yellow colours in short and my email .

Thanks and Regards

thats great to describe feeling by colours. here, i want to know about all rainbow colours Emotion: smile

thank you
Spectacled-GirlBlue ---Sad, down.What are the other colours to describe different feelings?Thanks.

In English we use: green for jealousy, blue for sad, yellow with cowardly, red with angry.
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how 'bout love?
love would be pink I think
I associate red with love.Emotion: heart
Valentine cards usually use red.
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