"I spent two hours combing through the weeds in my mom's flowerbeds."

What else could I say instead of 'comb through'?

I'm aware of the usual 'search or look through'.

What about 'slog through' or 'sift through'?

Thank you.

Ann225What about 'slog through' or 'sift through'?

Personally, I don't care for 'slog through', but 'sift through' seems all right. I guess you could also use 'dig through' (metaphorically) for searching.

But I have to ask out of curiosity, what extremely valuable thing did you lose in your mom's flowerbeds that required a two-hour search? And did you find it?



Why are you combing/searching/looking/sifting through the weeds in your mum's flowerbeds?

Just pull them out.

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It sounds like your mom loves the weeds more than the flowers!

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Thank you guys. I really appreciate your insight. Emotion: smile