Does anybody have any tips on combining three topics that are unrelated to each other? My teacher wants us to these three paragraphs about my name and how I feel about it, a certain memory that I had as a child, and a photograph combining them all to make one essay. These seem too unrelated to each other and the transition from one topic to the other will sound awkward, at least to me it does.

any help is appreciated
This seems quite interesting. I can think of the following

1. You are looking into a photgraph. The photograph is of your childhood. It was taken when you returned from a great adventure. You got your pet name because you saved the life of a tiger flowing out in the river. Emotion: smile

2. You are looking into a photograph, which is of a great person. In childhood you would often ask your parents about that great person, and your parents would tell you of a great thing he did. And they tell you that they put your name after that great person, because of XYZ reasons.

3. You remember an incident from childhood. You saw a purse lying on the road. You opned it and saw the picture of your neighbour, whom you had seen somewhere in teh neighbourhood long back. There was no address mentioned in the purse. You found the neighbour and gave him the purse. The neighbour appreciated it, gave you lots of sweets and complimented that your name infact reflects your deeds. Then he describes the meaning of your name and how your deeds are commensurate with the greatness of that name.

The three topics you mention indeed do have a common subject - you.

Your name is about you,how you feel about your name is again about you and the teacher wants to know about a memory you had, not someone else. In this case what you need to do, is keep yourself as the subject of the essay and write each topic in a seperate paragraph. Therefore your essay should contain atleast 3 paragraphs on the whole. Paragraphs are intended to ease transitions. Once you're done with your essay, post it here for correction.

Good luck,