Lex: Cassandra Carver?

Cassandra: Do those expensive shoes come with a name? Is she just kidding,
trying to get his name?

Lex: Lex Luthor.

Cassandra: Oh. Of Luthor Everything Incorporated? That's not the name of his company, it's Luthor corp. Probably
making a word play with the name, right?

Lex: More or less.
I don't watch the show in question, but I'm assuming that Cassandra may suspect that the shoes were a gift, in this case from Lex Luthor. Yes, Cassie is just playing around with the mega-corporation name.

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I think so too.
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No, wait. You've got me wrong. Lex is Lex Luthor. And Cassandra is a blind woman.
When Lex walks by her he still doesn't know her. Then she hears the sound of his shoes
approaching towards her. So does this information change anything? About the shoes I mean?
Maybe she wants to know the name of the shoes' owner, right?
What a difference a little context makes! Yes, I would guess that she is asking, "Who is wearing those shoes? (Who is that person who just walked by?")
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