Each one has different hobbies he like to do it in his free time. Reading is one of the most interesting things that many people like to do it in their free time.

This page is for those people whom the book is the best friend for them…Here we can share with each other the books that we read it and our opinion about it?

So, the opportunity is opened for all reading lovers to tell as:

The last book you read it,

The most book you interest in read it,

A book you suggest as to read it,

The best writer you like to read his books and

Anything you would like to say it regarding (reading).

Note: I apologize because my English is not that much, so sorry of any grammar errors in my writing, and I’ll be happy if someone could tell me the grammaticalmistakes and give me the right one. Thanks in advanced.

Hi every body

Is any one of you read ( Five People You Meet In Heaven) for the writer: Mitch Albom? It is a very wounderful novel.
It is really so nice and interesting. It is the lastest english book I have read it. What is more, this book is the most english book which I was enjoying in read it, it's took me to another world while I was read it, to the world of spirits,souls & death!!

I liked the idea of this novel, it is new & great.

It is really an amazing novel, I love it. and I don't thing that I'll interest in reading another english book as much as (five people you meet in heaven)!!

I am sure if you read it you'll like it.

I loved "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" series by Douglas Adams
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PP, there is a similar topic on the forum, just try to look for it. There you will find lots of interesting posts about literature