Our school is in Friendly Shandong and sits in Jining. It is famous for being the hometown of Confucious (Qufu).

Working with us will give you enough time to travel and visit some very beautiful temples and mountains in Shandong, China, as well as enough time to learn about China's old history and culture.

Start date: as soon as possible

Students level: From children to adults.


* 20-60 years old.

* The Native speakers from U.S., England, Australia and Canada and others

* 4-year University/College degree are desired but not essential

* TEFL, TESL or TESOL certificates are desired but not essential Conditions of Employment

*Contract duration: 6 months-12 months

* RMB 6000——8000 Yuan per month Work Visa provided

* Work Visa provided

*Working no more than 20 teaching periods per week

*Free fully furnished single accommodation (TV set, refrigerator, telephone, washer, air conditioner, heater, etc.) *Office computer with internet access

*Reimburse airfare

For more information please visit :www.2jiaoyu.com

Contact name: Manu

Mobile Phone: <removed by moderator; please keep it in your profile only>

Skype: <removed by moderator; please keep it in your profile only>

QQ: <removed by moderator; please keep it in your profile only>

Please kindly send your application with resume.

Look forward to do business with you!Emotion: moneyEmotion: money
I'm sorry for leaving my details above.

Contact name: Manu

Mobile Phone: <removed by moderator; please keep it in your profile only>

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Please contact me as soon as possible so we can discuss the job offer in more detail.

Dear Guerra

I would be very interested in the job offer. However, I am not a native speaker in English, but a native speaker of Dutch with a master's degree in English. Would I still qualify? If so, could you send your contact information to my emailaddress? You can find it in my profile.

Kind regards

Esa Denaux
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Do you need to be a citizen of a country where English is the native language to participate? I moved to the United States when I was one-year-old, and I moved to Mexico one year ago when I was about to turn twenty-one. I lived almost twenty-years in the U.S., and my K-12 education and a few years of undergraduate education were all in English, so I am a native speaker and I have an American accent. However, after all of those years, I am still not a U.S. citizen.
Definitely not needed to be a US citizen, given your life was spent there. The two most important things right now are:

*how fast you can come to China (if not here yet)

*University degree (so we can apply for your working and residence permit in China)

Other than this, if you have any teaching experience, it would be better (but again, not required)

If you place your email address on your profile I can email you some more details, if you are interested in this position. We need someone urgently as, at the moment I am the only full-time teacher working for our Institute since our former teacher left to return to Canada.

Thanks for the interest and keep me posted!

Thanks for the quick response. I have updated my email address on my profile and I am interested in more details. I have some teaching experience, and I was going to go through the TEFL program next month since I am taking a temporary break from my undergraduate education. My degree is 50% completed, but I am now saving money to go back sometime soon.
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50% finished is not valid I'm afraid.. there are certain documents that we must give to the Chinese local authorities. I'll take your email and pass it to the headmaster, and he'll analyse your situation in more detail. Perhaps he might have a suggestion for you. With your TEFL the same thing applies. I'll be in touch later on with more news for you.
Hello there,

i am interested,...is the position still available?

Sounds like a good deal.

If someone has any questions regarding the practical issues of moving to china to work, I found this massive guide really helpful.


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