I wonder if somebody could help me. It is regarding use of "come back" or "came back" in the following sentence.

We've just come back from Brighton


We've just came back from Brighton

I understands that after "have" there must be past participle, like

I have done my work etc

Kindly explain me which one is correct and why

I came is simple past.

I have come uses the participle.

We HAVE just COME... is one that uses the participle.

(PS - Thank you for using a subject heading that made it clear what your question was about!)
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Has she came back with the feedback required?


Has she come back with the feedback required?
Has she come back with the feedback required?
Nimble "come back" or "came back"
See this post: became / become

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Have you come back


Have you come back?

Questions must end with a question mark.


Did you just came back from school

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Did you just came come back from school?

You need a question mark at the end of a question.

After auxiliary do (do, does, did) you must use the first form of the verb (the plain infinitive).