Hi Everyody ,, Happy New Bad Year For all , I hate the Christmas.

I'm a new member here in English Forums and my real name is Leonardo Peter James , But most of people call me as ( Leo ). My nickname as you can see it ( Leonardo James ). I am from England.

I live in a town there called Berkshire , may you have heared about it. It is not very famous town in United Kingdom but it's a nice place for tourists and all the population there know this town well and visit it. Okay mmmmmmmm I think that I introduced myself to you , and I want one thing from all the members here in English Forums. I want you to congratulate me because I'm a new member. I want something else from you. I have a problem I can't make my nickname appear in the chat box. I know the Chat Box , I know that it's found in the top right corner in the main page in the forum. But in the same time I didn't know how to make my nickname appear in it.

please I want all the members reply soon on my Topic ( post ) and I want you to tell me the answer soon.

See You >>>> regards Darlings ,,,, Good Bye ,,,,,,
Since you are posting from Saudi Arabia, it seems very unlikely that you are English.

If you have posted a writing exercise, it is not too bad, but you need to use ... and not ,,, and it is better not use use either in this kind of writing.
And if you are the same "Saudi Arabia" I will re-paste here the link I gave you in chat the other day:

This will re-direct you to the "registering form" Emotion: smile
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Hi Leo!

You said you live in Berkshire and this might be true, although I doubt it because Berkshire is a county and not a town, as far as I know. However, you're clearly not English. Your writing style and mistakes are a dead give-away. Cheers!
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If you are the "Saudi Arabia" who was on the other day, I will try one more time to try to help you. If you are someone new, then I will try anyway. Emotion: smile

1. You must go to www.thechatpage.com. It is a different site from www.EnglishForward.com.

2. Once you are on www.thechatpage.com, you must register there. Being registered in English Forums, does NOT register you at The Chat Page.

3. Click on the link that says "register" under the box that the chat appears in, OR in the upper right corner where it says "join."

4. Follow the instructions.

When you type in the chat window from English Forums, your nick will not appear. You must type from The Chat Page for your nick to appear.

I hope this works out for you.

I am moving your post to the "help" section because it has nothing to do with vocabulary.
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