I don't know when to include "to" and when to leave it out... I usually hear it without the "to":

(In a small store) - Ok guys, come over (to) the counter...
Let's go over (to) that small plane and hide inside.
Let's go over (to) Mary's home.
Come over (to) my place, I have something to show you.
I bet you ten bucks you won't go over (to) that guy and punch him in the face.

Thank you Emotion: smile

in all cases here
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You normally include the 'to' except in cases where you are using 'there/here'. Come over here. Go over there.
I see, thanks a lot.
I just checked a sentence I thought was without the "to", but I was wrong, they actually say "Come on over the counter", so it's a little different... Emotion: smile

If Tom comes over the counter, it sounds like he climbs over it from one side to the other.

Best wishes, Clive
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Yes, thanks Clive. I didn't want to climb anything. Emotion: wink