After hard working day, I want to relax by comedy film. Many films I watched such as White Chick, Hot Chick, Mr.Bean,..

Please advise us more films to see.

Thanks in advance!
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'Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!'
I love Seinfeld.
Emotion: smile
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Hi! I advise you to watch films with Jim Carry. "dumb and dumber" for example. It's funny film I've ever seen.
Slay i agree with you! "dumb an dumber" for my, is the best movie of comedy.
A funny and stupid film: "Dude, where's my car?"
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I think, "The Naked Gun" is the best comedy film. Leslie Nielsen is super actor.
Yes, "Dumb and Dumber" is funny too... Emotion: big smile
"the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" is a very good comedic movie
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