Lana: CIark knows everything.
And he wiII know everything
from now on.
So I guess your cards are off the tabIe. Not valid?

Lionel: WeII, it's obvious that you adopted
more than just the Luthor name.
What about the part of you (The period of her life in this sentence particularly?)
that wanted to bring Lex to justice
...for aII the eviI that he's done? Is that aIso off the tabIe?

Lana: Sometimes justice comes
at too high a price.
Justice can cost you too much?
Like sacrificing my reIationship
with CIark because I wanted to see Lex
pay for his sins.
I replied to this at some length, but it was swallowed by an oops. When will I ever learn?
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off the table = not valid, no longer "in play"
the part of you = that emotional aspect of your feelings about something
cost too much = probably figurative rather than literal (I mean, not a $$/€€ issue)
Thanks, Philip!
But can you clarify me 'Come at too high a price'? Is it an idiom?
Because when I watched the episode I heard it as 'come at too high price'.
You know, without the indefinite article 'a'. And I thought of it to mean 'to face the consequences'.
But then I read the subs and noticed the presence of 'a'.
So can you analyse the whole thing for me?
to come at too high a price is esentially a fixed idiom.
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Philipto come at too high a price is esentially a fixed idiom.

But is it the same as 'come at a price'?
a price = it will be expensive; too high a price = I may not be willing to pay that much
Thank you, Philip! Now it's clear to me.
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