I have seen people in Sri Lanka use following sentence, 

Coming Colours No Good

I know the meaning.
I want to know whether this is correct English or not.
It means nothing at all to me.
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I was right . I thought this is not correct English . Thank you Emotion: smile
It's not proper English. It's a word to word replacement for a Sinhala (language in Sri Lanka) phrase. In English, it doesn't mean anything, but in Sinhala it does. The Sinhala phrase is used to show a doubt/suspicion ...or to indicate something not good is going to happen. It's not correct English at all.

Hi, as i see English is dynamic, things get added from different cultures, there is no absolute English; see similar kind use'long time no see' not correct English according to books, but it's used

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You are correct. Conveyance of the message clearly to the intended person or party is important than grammer.