Mike was a huge David Bowie fan; I was too. But he had it coming out of his ears and all that came with it, Kraftwerk, Brecht, Oscar Wilde.

---- Does "coming out of his ears" mean that it was easily heard that he was Bowie's fan, and that he was also the fan of Kraftwerk, Brecht and Wild?

If you say that something is coming out of your ears, it means that you are completely immersed in the subject. Yes, he was also a fan of the others.

[Have you seen the David Bowie and Bing Crosby video clip on Youtube? It's really quite charming.]
Imagine that you are so full of something that if you tried to add any more of it to you, it will spill out of your ears.

The scene in Toy Story II where Mr. Potato Head had Play-Dough coming out through his holes comes to mind. THAT is how full of that you are.

It's a metaphor, obviously. Nothing come out of my ears except an empty, whistling sound. Sometimes you can hear the ocean.
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Thanks to you guys it sounds simple now. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated!!!
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