I am confused whether a comma is required after "since" in the following sentence:

Since 1945 there has been no decade with as many financial crises as the 1990s.

Similarly, is a comma required in the following sentence after 1997:

In 1997 Asia was fit by a financial crisis.

I have a feeling that it is required in the first case but not in the second.

You don't typically need a comma after a prepositional phrase, especially such short ones. I wouldn't use a comma in either example.


If you have a specific question, I suggest you start a new thread, rather than adding on to an old one, and be more specific about what you need help with.
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Hi CJ,

Thanks for your advice.


well i dont know how to use a introductory phrase so i need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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my teacher told my that i have to write five sentences about some one that i know then i have to begin each sentences with an introductory phrase or clause. and i don't know how to use introductory phrase or clause.
help please!