I was wondering if anyone could answer this simple question of mine. I know when the word well is an introductory clause it should always have a comma after it if. However, would it be acceptable if there was no comma after the word well in these cases?

1. Well then---

2. Well sure, now that they know their feelings for each other...

Because these sentences seem like phrases is it still mandatory for a comma to be present? I've been putting commas after the word well in every case I come by, but doesn't it seem a little choppy sometimes?

Hope that made sense.

Thank you kindly!
One of the purposes of a comma is to indicate where there is a slight pause in speaking or a small break in the flow of a sentence.

If you read a sentence in a natural way, it will be clear where to put commas.

Well then - usually spoken in one cadence with no break:

Well then, since we have all agreed, let's go.
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Thank you.
AlpheccaStarsusually spoken in one cadence with no break
I thought this might be the case, but confirmation is always helpful.

Well, not really.