Dear Forum

Please can you help with the following sentence - I'm not exactly sure if there is a comma after the word "word"...

"If you can spot a misplaced comma, a rogue apostrrophe, a missing or mispelled word, this could be your opportunity."

Also the dictionary says that there are two spellings of mispelled - mispelt - which one is more correct or more modern?

Many many thanks

Well Rosa, you have managed to misspell both 'misspelled' and 'misspelt'! I think that the regular form is assuming wider usage than the irregular form.

Yes, a comma after 'word' makes the meaning more clear-- and that is the main job of commas, clarification. There is an elided 'then' after that comma, which would make the sentence structure even more straightforward.

And you could lose an 'a' from 'apostrophe' too....