I hope that I am not overstepping the boundaries of this forum by posting this question, as I am not an ESL student. I have found a great deal of information on this site and I respect the authorities who respond herein. Please let me know if my posting is inappropriate and I will take my question elsewhere.

Here it is:

I have a website onto which I post celebrity quotes that contain grammar and usage errors. I would like to know others' opinions regarding whether or not I should be putting commas after the last word before an excerpt. These are examples:
  • The statement "It's not always you have the opportunity" is awkward in its construction.
  • There is a modifier error in the clause "because you're able to exorcise something quicker."
  • The participial phrase "being pregnant" functions as an adjective to modify the subject "it."
Should I use a comma after "statement" or "clause" or "phrase"? I don't like the aesthetics of the extra comma, which is why I have been leaving it out. Someone asked me about it today and I figured that since the excerpts are not being introduced as dialogue preceded by the name of the speaker, the comma is not necessary. What do you think?

Thanks for your time!

Hi Dana,

Welcome to the Forum.

Don't worry, this seems like a pretty reasonable question. I wouldn't say it's wrong to use commas. However, it seems to me to be fine and 'cleaner' not to put a comma.

If you do, you'll also have to think about putting one after the quotation if the sentence continues. Too many commas.

I think the key is to be consistent in the approach you take.

Best wishes, Clive

Thanks for your input! I appreciate it very much. I will be consistent in my lack of comma usage in these sorts of sentences.