Question: Individuals can do nothing to improve the environment; only governments and large companies can make a difference.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

One idea that one person cannot help enviroment, only big group can do this. I all agree and disagree because this idea have a half right and a half not.

I agree with this 50 percent. First reason is one person can only do a little action but a large company can do a bigger. For example, when we go out or at home see trash so we can put it in the bin; however, we cannot put all trash in the city or in the country to bin, but a government can make a machine to help all trash in the right place. Second reason is indivisual cannot do a big project but big group can do more to more people know this so they have more successful with their project. For instance, to more people help enviroment, one person make a poster to a street where they live know but a large company can advertise to a country so more people can know this.

On the other hand, I also disagree a half. Firstly, if 3 or 5 people make a small group they can do in more street, maybe they cannot do a action like a government. For example, they can make a post and upload it to facebook and they can talk to family to share it more so more and more people are knowing this. Secondly, if only one person have more patience so they can do more work. For instance, if list of work in the process is make a poster, put it in 1 street per day, they can do this.

In conclusion, I think all agree and disagree.

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