Please comment on my experience in CV. How to shorten the two paragraphs below?

I joined ABC as an engineer and work in the facility management department. I was promoted to Assistant Manager in 2000. My current role includes being responsible for supervising subordinates to undertaking cost management, reviewing safety of work to ensure compliance with company policy. I also oversee operation and maintenance programs, building facilities projects for offices and data centres in the South region.

I joined XYZ taking a role of a technical assistant. I gained much fundamental knowledge of building services during those initial years, through a combination of site surveys, research and attending courses. During my sixteen years of service with XYZ, I became a project engineer in the engineering department and was responsible for undertaking a range of duties. For example design, installation, project management, budget arrangement, coordination with others parties, claims settlements, testing and commissioning, maintenance and operation of mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning systems.


Resumes are almost always written in a rather standard format. Most of the information is presented in point style. It is not written in the form of complete sentences and paragraphs, as you have done.

Look here for examples, and then try again!