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Would both "comments section" and "comment section" be correct?

There's no real difference.

If you want to get subtle, 'comments' suggests that more than one comment may be made.

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HUBLOTWould both "comments section" and "comment section" be correct?
They're both fine. My guess is that the difference arises because of the way the authors think of the comment section. In one case (comments section) the author sees it as a bunch of individual comments. In the other case (comment section) the author sees it as one section that contains comments. Note that the same individual can, and probably will, switch his thinking depending on the situation and even his mood on a given day.

The bottom line is both are fine and you will see both.
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Thank you, MalRay and Clive.

For-profit colleges have had a rough year. Strengthened federal regulations, bad press and a slumping economy have led to steep declines in new student enrollments at most of the publicly traded institutions -- a dip of 42 percent for Kaplan Higher Education, for instance, compared to last year.

Would it be possible to say new students enrollments?


In constructions like that where the first noun is used like an adjective, it is usually singular.

eg car doors, not cars doors

eg heart surgeons, not hearts surgeons

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Thank you, Clive.

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Most commonly, I hear it said Comments' section. And, it's got to be right 'cause there are comments as in plural and it's a section - possessive.

So, I think the answer to the question would be comments' section.

Francis Fern comments' section.


It's the section for viewers' comments, or comments section.

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