I am reading this story written by an indian writer who writes in english. I would like to know what a native speaker thiks about the english in this story.

"My father and mother were bound to eachother by certain common principles and standards of conduct, but otherwise, in appearance, temperament, and outlook, they were the reverse or, if one chooses to say the same thing ina different way, the complement of each other. My mother was slight and fragile as my father was robust, while her face as responsive as my father's was impassive. It rippled to emotions as waters to the wind. It was quite out of the question for her to try to hide her feeling. .....

Thanks in advance
I think it's very nice. Was there any particular aspect of it or part of it you were focusing on?
It is nicely lyrical, and appropriate for a fond reminiscence of one's parents, in my opinion.
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No, I was just curious to know what a native speaker thinks of this kind of writing. For I always find them critical of wordliness or flowery english. I was wondering if this was flowery or old fashioned.
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