I think it'd be useful, specially for "EFLers" like myself, to know more of those abbreviations that are used in everyday life.

There go the ones I know, or remember now. Please, contribute.

Pro - professional
Mobo - motherboard
Spec - specification
Vet - veterinary, veteran
Stats - statistics
Rep - reputation, representative
Bot - robot
Con - convicted
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PaultxPerm - permanent wave
Prom - promenade
Cig - cigarette

The first two are pretty old-fashioned - I don't think anyone would say 'permanent wave' in full any more - and the abbreviated form has become standard in the same way that 'pianoforte' has become 'piano'.

Does anyone say 'cig' for cigarette any more? It's not current in my part of the world - in fact, it sounds quaintly 1930's to my ears.
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Exec - executive
Let me make my contribution:

pros and cons - arguments in favour and against

bra - brassiere

lab - laboratory

hi-fi - high fidelity

math(s) - mathematics

exam - examination
Comfy - comfortable (Does it count as an abbreviation or is it pure slang?)

Merch - merchandise (I heard it in "The Man", with Samuel L. Jakcson and Eugene Levy. It was said by a drug dealer or something like that)

Mark - market
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