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snip UC
... Explain how that proves that they "behave identically." You're the intellectual whizbang here. Enlighten we ignorami.

I would definitely include myself as one of those paper cranes you mention. I'm slightly embarrassed at how much time I've spent bickering with UC, especially given that I'm out of my depth as soon as any proper linguistic argument is raised. It's lucky for me he didn't raise any. At this point I will cede the floor and return to my lurking; the argument that English is not German is in better hands than mine.
(1) If this is still getting past any kill-files, here's why I keep going: I just gotta get the answer to this question. How does he do it? The rest is just embroidery.

Lyall Morrison
Men are not women, but that does not mean that both do not have the same sort of eyes or lungs or legs, now does it?
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