I would like to know if the following words are still having some commune use in contemporary English Writtings:
I'd say "transmogrify" isn't likely to come up too often, but the others might. Emotion: smile

Why not visit Google and see how many hits you get on each?
I am not quit handy with the Internet, and I don't know how to do it. Sorry Calif!
It's rather ridiculous, but I mean it.
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Google hits

bivouac 441,000
rout 828,000
transmogrify 77,700
duly 3,690,000
Thank you, paco, would you mind to tell me how can I do it by myself.
I know it's too much, but I don't have any other choice.

Visit [url=" /"]here [google][/url] and just put the word in the box.
You can use also [url=" "]"advanced search"[/url].

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God-forsaken I was, may god bless you, it works.