I need more info on the communicative approach for English teaching. How do I learn to work with this method?
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I´d like to know more about communicative language teaching, please.
Communicative activities mean:

A desire to communicate
A communicative purpose
Content not form
Variety of language at the same time
No ( or little) teacher intervention
No ( or little ) materials control
The Practice of English Language Teaching,J. Harmer, Longman, 2001
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I suppose you guys have already seen the lists of conversation questions at : http://iteslj.org/questions /??
Crime, animals, health, love, families- you name it, it's there and ther are literally 100s of questions if you, like me, sometimes run out of things to say! :-o
Hope this helps
Heather Bienefelt
It's an excellent site. I have used them and they are great. Students just love them. Cheers!
Peiter, hello I'm an English Student in Puerto Rico and we're discussing CA on my class, can you send your 40 topics to my e mail?
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FREE DISCUSSIONS~ Topics to be debated

1. The husband should bring most of the money in the family.
2. Women are less intelligent than men.
3. Football is for idiots.
4. Computers are very important in education.
5. Knowing English well is equivalent to a college degree.
6. The actual school system is not good.
7. Success in life means money.
8. Nationalism is a positive thing.
9. Talk shows on TV are useless and boring.
10. Husbands and wives should have the same educational level.
11. Friendship is the most important relationship in life.
12. Marketing and management should be taught in last two years of high school.
13. Doing a job that you like is more important than to earn more money.
14. It is much more difficult to do business in the East than in western European countries.
15. Business means trust.
16. Being a team worker is more important than to be a brilliantly creative person.
17. What job would you like to do and why?
18. Living alone can be an advantageous and good solution.
19. Multinationals and globalization bring good and bad things.
20. Where would you like to travel if you had 3000 USD?
21. Managers should also be excellent psychologists.
22. Church is a positive factor in our society.
23. Teaching is one of the most fascinating jobs.
24. Speak about your image of a perfect teacher.
25. Light drugs should be treated more tolerantly.
26. Democracy has bad aspects too.
27. Working in an advertising agency would be very interesting.
28. Guns~ pros and cons
29. Organizing a travel agency.
30. Camping holidays vs. hotels.
31. Big family vs. an only child.
32. TV is bad for young people.
33. What would you do if you won 1 million ?
34. Private English classes vs. group courses.
35. Capitalism is not a fair society.
36. It’ s not fair that film stars or football players earn millions.
37. A common Europe- is it just a dream?
38. High Street shops vs. supermarkets.
39. Cosmetic surgery- pros and cons.
40. Women are not equal to men in our society.
41. Smoking should be banned.
42. TV is doing harm.
43. Grow fat and be happy!
44. Stricter traffic laws could prevent serious accidents.
45. Parents are too permissive with their children nowadays.
46. Vicious and dangerous sports should be banned.
47. Compulsory military service should be abolished everywhere.
48. Childhood is certainly the happiest time of your life.
49. Examinations exerts a bad influence on education.
50. Tourism doesn’t contribute at all to the understanding between nations.
51. Living in a large, modern city- only a madman would choose it.
52. No one wants to live to be a hundred.
53. Equality of opportunities in a society- only a dream.
54. Capital punishment is the only way to deter criminals.
55. People should not spend billions on exploring the space.
56. The most important of all human qualities is a sense of humour.
57. I6t’s foolish to give money to beggars.
58. Men are worse gossips than women.
59. Animals should not be kept in captivity.
60. Life begins at forty.
61. Vegetarianism is a way to find the way of good life.
62. The churches have nothing to do with modern life.
63. The United States of Europe is a fine ideal.
64. Teaching machines can replace teachers.
65. The customer is always right.
66. Emigration will solve our problems.
67. History is a purposeless activity.
68. Giving money to beggars is stupid.

Copyright Peter Szabo, The Thoughts of a Private Teacher, 2003
Copyright For and Against, Longman Group Ltd. 1973
Have you thought of student-centered approach which is one of the communicative approach? Is it useful?
I would like to thank dearest Pieter again for the topics. Everybody liked them so much!
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Hello to all

I am an international student and have just completed MA TESOL from a university in California (LA). I think this is a good place for me to post my question.

Since we are talking about communicative language teaching (CLT) here, I have a question about it and believe that someone may be of help. I am wondering how I can make CLT possible in EFL setting. The central notion of CLT is that students communicatively exchange meaningful messages through second language. However, EFL students are homogeneous, that is they all speak the same language. How do I encourage my students to negotiate with one another in second language without forcing them or not letting them memorize.

For those of you who have had experiences teaching EFL students, what technique(s) have you used. What method(s) do you think can be implemented? Only one method or a combination of methods work best?
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