I need more info on the communicative approach for English teaching. How do I learn to work with this method?
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Does anyone remember a very very old series of textbooks called "Streamline English"?
I can't remember now in which of the books in the series it appears, but I have used a story called "The Appointment" with almost all of my students for years now. Amazingly, it works each time! The story is meant for practising reported speech, but I've always used it as a trigger for conversation, and students in general love it. The story is an old one, about destiny, a man who meets Death seemingly "by accident", and the question whether the events in our life are pre-determined before we're born or we are the "masters" of our fate. You have no idea what interesting debates have resulted from reading that story.
If anyone is interested, I think I could post it here. It could be shorter, but it's not really very long.

I'd like to know more about communicative approach

with my best regards
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I would really like to see the story you've mentioned. Could you post it, or e-mail it to me at (Email removed, please add it to your profile)? Thanks very much.

I loved the Streamline series and have used the story you're talking about many times. Do they not produce them anymore?

I'm afraid I don't know, Henry. But I haven't seen the books in any bookstore lately, and I know of only one teacher who is still using the series.
I've had the books for at least 16 years, and they were not a novelty when I bought them. I think that publishing houses stop printing certain "old" books as new ones appear; they have to make sure the new books will sell well. Perhaps, also, since I live in Argentina, I don't see the books here due preciesly due to the appearance of new series. With the rise of the dollar, the local booksellers may not be able to afford buying old books which they will probably never sell. This is, however, more a guess than an informed opinion. I don't know what things are like in ther countries in this respect.

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Could I have the list please?
hello miriam, its so nice to know that you are ready to share your experience and i would be more lucky to get your help in this regard because i teach English to my students though i'm a computer science graduate. I'm so interested in English and love reading a lot. So would you please post the story " The Appointment" to help me make my students think in various angles of life.

I use this site too and I think is one of the best ones.
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what is communicative approach?
how to use the cmmunicative approach in class room situations?
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