I need more info on the communicative approach for English teaching. How do I learn to work with this method?
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Perhaps this is a little late in response to the EFL question. The difficulty of introducing a communicative approach with a syllabus that may not be based on functionality is the case that it could be described as unprincipled eclecticism, according to Willis, 1996)

I think one of the ways you can adopt a more communicative approach with students is by the use of communication gaps, often seen in the form of information gap exercises. One thing about communication is that a likely use for the students will be that of making friends. Activities that helps facilitate the communication process between students and that of developing friendships are beneficial for EFL students, in my view.
Hi Pieter!

I'm a teacher of English in Poland and I happen to conduct my lessons with the use of classroom debates. At the moment I'm writing my master thesis on classsroom debates and developing my ss' communicative competence.

I would be really grateful if you could send me the set of 40 topics you mentioned.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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If you look back on this thread you will find that Pieter has posted the topics he mentions.
Hi everyone,

I am teaching English Grammar classes and we have a whole grammar section for learners. We are using Mosaic One series, third edition. I know that we need to apply the communicative approach to teach grammar but actually, there are lots of practice exercises in every chapter in the grammar book. I wonder if anyone can help me teach grammar more effectively and more communicatively so that learners can feel quite relaxed with exercises. I would be very appreciated if someone could share some experiences in teaching grammar.
Hai.... i'm doing second year degree in ESL in Malaysia. i just need some help regarding my assignment. 'teaching grammar using communicative approach'.
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I need exactly what you offer..
I'll appreciate if you can send me topics that I can use for discussions.
Thank you in advance.
Best Regards,
Dear friend,

I want to imorve my communication skill in english, So i want to make friends in same criteria
if you are willing please maile me.
Dear Pieter,

I am in New England area of the USA where Brazilians rein and I teach English to them. Since almost all of them come from the working class where they have never seen a school, I find it very challenging to teach them English without following any conventional methods. I would very much appreciate if you could kindly send me the material to follow the Cumulative approach. My e-mail address is: <removed; please add it to your profile only>. Thank you in advance.

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Hi Pieter,
I would be happy to receive those topics you mentioned above. I am a primary school English teacher in Hungary, and I also try to apply the communicative method.
Thanks in advance: peter Emotion: smile
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