I need more info on the communicative approach for English teaching. How do I learn to work with this method?
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i want to know how english should be used for effective communication. and i want to know what kinds of competencies are to be developed?
sorry if I post this the wrong way...

I am teaching a group of studies using a communicative approach, a method they chose, but they don't seem to like any topic and/or game, just one of them speaks, and he speaks far too much, so I have to try and keep the other ones talking and cutting him all the time...

Anyway, I am not posting this to cry all over you... I just wanted to suggest the few topics that have been useful to me.

- As they are around 30, car accidents and retelling their experiences.
- To use the conditionals, I made them answer several questions, some of them moral- and this one is very good, psycology is fashionable now-. For example, what would you do if... you saw an acquaintance not a friend with the trouser zip open? And if you found a wallet full of money? And if it was at work/school? If it had an identity card?/ If you won the lotto?/ If you could just save one thing from your burning house?/ If you could just make one wish.... which and why? and so on.

Also, advertising is good, because I make each one retell one ad without saying the brand. This way, all of them have to speak, and it keeps the others interested trying to guess which one it was. And then, as I teach business English, I make them decide in what kind of publicity would they invest (TV, magazines, hoarding...) and decide what they would do in case they were a marketing manager. Also, sometimes if they are original you can make them invent and ad...

Then, I play taboo with them. It really keeps them talking.
I do not play it the usual way- I prepare the cards- one word on the top, that they will have to describe to the rest of their team- difficulty depends on the level of the group- and four or five below, that they won't be able to use in the description. If they do, they lose their turn. I like to play it in 2 different ways; first one, everyone against everyone. So you give the person who has the cards from 2 to 5 minutes (5 if their level is low, 2 if it is good), and when someone guesses one card, he or she (who guessed it) keeps it. The player who ends up with more cards wins.
You can also make two teams. More competitive and funny. And you should seat them mixed so that one can watch that his opposite team is not cheating by using the forbiden words.

Well, if anyone has any topic or game that could be helpful, I would be grateful forever!!!

also, I have some other ideas, but not quite good. If someone would like to try and develop them with me, just drop me a line...

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There are about 240,000 hits for "Communicative approach in English teaching". Here are a few to start you off.





There never really was an approach that did not have successful communication as its end goal. Once upon a time people believed that in order to do that, you had to focus on grammar etc before launching into attempts at communication.

However, some old school proponents of a "communicative approach" have attempted to try and make people communicate in a foreign language without giving them much input, to have discussions without giving any feedback. Since that is such a blatantly poor method, the "communicative approach" as beloved of the universities now in reality generally consists of plodding through Headway and books of that kind.

In fact, some of the method schools follow approaches which are more strongly based upon genuine communication than books of that kind.

In short, "the communicative approach" is a hollowed out phrase which academics employ to make the poor people who have to write essays writhe and curse trying to work out what it means.
I suggest you look up those offering the CELTA program. Quite often the books they require you to read in preparation for the course are heavy on the communicative method. One of those authors will be Jeremy Harmer
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If the CELTA program is anything like the Trinity one (and it is supposed to be), they introduce all kinds of methods that they do not advocate, so long as they tend towards the left field. What they advocate, in the end, is games + headway.
You need grammar. That's why we study it. We have to study grammar in order to replace our native kinds of sentences with the sentence structures of the target language. Grammar isn't studied to make teachers seem clever, though plenty of people who should know better think so.
Teaching English as a foreign language is so difficult that many teachers feel confused how to do it. Using CLT is one of language methods that offers a new view and strategy in language teaching. According to its meaning of CLT (Communicative language Teaching) apllies that in teaching and learning process, the emphasis is on how students must be able to communicate and express messages orally well. In other words, speaking skill is the main focus. So, in teaching everything related to all students' must be underetaken communicatively. Beside that, CLT doesn't limit its scope to speaking only, but also to other language skills and components in which you can teach, such as reading, grammar etc communicatively. Then, what things can we use in using this approach? try to use video with relevant CDs or sources. Use attractive pictures which can prompt your students to learn.Also, if computer and internet are availble, use them for practice.

Hopefully, this will be useful for you.

Me. Suharyadi, an English teacher of state senior high school 3 Malang Indonesia. My email is Email Removed.
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