I need more info on the communicative approach for English teaching. How do I learn to work with this method?
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First of all, I would like to thank our dear generous Pieter, who gave us somuch useful information. I'll try to improve my students' communicative skills by using it. The big list of topics on different subjects is great, too.

However, one of the problems with teaching by Communicative method is that if your students' level of knowledge is not high enough, it is difficult for them to discuss even the most interesting topics. Then the teacher is at a loss too. What has he got to do: pursue the discussion or correct the numerous mistakes of a student?

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I am an english teacher in Indonesia spesificly in West Timot Island in Indonesia searching for help about teaching english as a foreign language to my students. I am not a native speaker. noe I am doing my thesis on relation with the effect of oral approach in teaching english as a foreign language in order to miximize the students ability in speaking english in my school. would you mind helping me on teory of oral approach and method, strategies used to persuade the students to speak the target language (english).

thank you for your kindness help.

your faithfully

Jimmy Pelle/SoE/NTT/Indonesia
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what does the method consist of? (theories)

how does it work?(a sample lesson showing how to use the method)

what are / were the advantages and disadvantages of the method?

I am taking up my master's degree in Language Studies and it's my first year. I need tons of help for my paper. I am asked to choose which among the second language acquisition theories I can apply to a class of 16 year old non-native speakers with good background in English. My head is about to explode. I need pieces of advice. I really need all the help I can get. I am not an English teacher. Emotion: sad

Thank you all in advance.

P.s. Under what theory is the communicative approach? If the question is dense, so sorry. Emotion: sad
Hi Pieter,

I could really uses your 40 topics. I've just started teaching an adult student in conversational English and I'm looking for some interesting lessons for him.

Many thanks,

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PieterCommunicative activities mean:

A desire to communicate
A communicative purpose
Content not form
Variety of language at the same time
No ( or little) teacher intervention
No ( or little ) materials control
The Practice of English Language Teaching,J. Harmer, Longman, 2001
Hellooooooooooo dear .

I'd like to know the similarities and difference between commnuicative and lectric approach to teaching english
how to teach grammar at the tertiary level?

Teaching Articles and Conjunctions at the tertiary level?
Can you send me the 40 topics you mentioned?
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Hello to everyone!

I'm a member as of 15 minutes ago and I really like your forum. I'm considering the Communicative approach in ELT as thesis for my Master's Degree, so I need all the help I can get. Do any of you know books that would be good for the theoretical part for my thesis? Please send all info to (Email removed, please add it to your profile)Email Removed" mce_href="mailto:Email Removed">. Thanx!!!!

By the way, Miriam do you think you could send me The Appointment story?
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