I need more info on the communicative approach for English teaching. How do I learn to work with this method?
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I am a highschool English teacher from Nicaragua. I have tried to use many different strategies in order to achieve communicative interaction from my students, and I´ve realized that this approach does not fit the characteristics of my students..! Firstly because they are a large group of 65 peers , and for me its too difficult to monitor amidst rows of sits.. discipline tends to be low and sometimes there is too much noise, both from the outside and from the very inside of the classroom.

They are over-aged students they aren´t likely to carry out certain games or activities that promote speaking; However some others, the same ones, are always willing to participate...

But the fact that affects the most the English teaching in Latin American contexts is the time allowed for each lesson(40min), counting with the fact that you have to check the assistance of 60 students or more..
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My Name is AMir,I teach English In DUbai.Can you please send me the 40 topics about the communicative approach.

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Hello to the members of the forum,

Communicative Approach to second language teaching was first thought about by Dell Hymes and later developed and supported by Canale & Swain; they are the theorists. As a teacher I found this quite difficult to practice in a non-English speaking country and in a classroom situation. It is supposed to take place in an authentic situation and students are encouraged to communicate and negotiate through the second language. I have observed teachers following the oral-aural method and making students go through repetition saying that was CLT but that is absolutely the opposite of what CLT is about.
Hi!! Im trying to find out more information about my project. Im studying to be a Primary school teacher in Spain, English teaching and Im going to do part of my Practicum in a swedish school so I was wondering on a project which could be connected in both schools, otherwise I will have to do 2 diferent ones, (big one in Sweden and small one in Spain. I have in mind to do communicative approach but Im not sure yet so if anyone could help me giving some useful ideas...I will really aprreciate it.

There are many websites which give complete details about the approach, for in stance below I refer some of them. Anyhow, the most important aspect of communicative Approach is involve students enthusiastically to learn the language in a freer environment. Role-Play, Pair Work and Group Discussions etc would help you great extend to this approach. In nutshell, it creates a lively environment for students to participate actively in the class. I do know very well about the approach but I think I cannot put everything here...I am at your threshold for any further queries


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Thank for replying in my question. I was supposed to interview my other co-teahers in the Language Department but unfortunately I run out of time in visiting them personally. Your message is a great help in doing my assignment.

Thanks a lot.


Ms. Glenda

Grade School Teacher

Holy Family Academy

Angeles City, Philippines
language is interesting topic by itself.its learning opens many visas before the learner,firstof all,entering into new culture ,secondly interecting with people whose culture and language are different from yours.it will certainly help the transmission of new knowledge to support yours and expand it