I need more info on the communicative approach for English teaching. How do I learn to work with this method?
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A good website for discussion lessons and ideas for different communication techniques is http://www.onestopenglish.com

Also try the Rewards series of Activity Books... always good for active imaginative lessons.
The REWARD books and interactive CD roms are excellent , based on the conversational aspects. I can send you 40 topics that I use for discussions, if you want, by E mail.
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If anyone needs 40 topics I use with my preintermediate to advanced students I can send them by E mail.
Anyone knowing a site with topics to be discusssed in class?
I mean a real chat channel with teachers on line who can ask and answer instantly.
I'm interested Pieter. Could you send them to the e-mail that is on my website? The site appears next to my name on this post. Maybe we could start something similar in this Forum site.
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Thanks Pieter,
There are some interesting topics to discuss.
What I also do is not only have the main topic but have quite a lot of addition questions available around the same topic to keep the conversation flowing smoothly, just in case there are some lulls in it. Normally they are open-ended questions, ones that make them think and makes them want to get their thoughts out into the open. Or if it is a closed yes-no question, I like to add my favourite.....WHY?
e.g. Topic - Christmas
Has the meaning of Christmas changed in the last century, the last 10 years? How?
What would be your ideal way to spend Christmas?
Have you ever spent Xmas alone? When? If not, how do you think you would feel?
Yes, Woodward, but for me, being a quite creative person it seems easy to talk about a topic without any helping questions. Naturally that's not true for all the 7 billion people in this world.
My classes are like talk- shows- my fee is the one 100 000 times less than Larry King's though.Emotion: smileEmotion: smile
Luckily I have intelligent and talkative students.
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