Hi! I'm a new user. Nice to meet you all! I'm an English graduate to be. I've just finished my studies at the university here in Paraguay - South America and now working on my tesina. I've chosen as topic "Grammar Teaching through the Communicative Approach to Adult Beginners". It'll be just a literature review and I'm eagerly looking for sources about the story of the Communicative Approach. Can it be considered as an approach or is a developing approach?
I've read lots of questions in this forum about this topic but I haven't found a satisfactory reply yet.
I'll be looking forward to your reply asap
The communicative approach is relatively new, I suppose, but has certainly been around since Halliday and Krashen in the late 70s and early 80s. It is well beyond 'developing' in the sense of being undeveloped, for since Nunan began really popularizing it, it could be considered the dominant approach to modern native-speaker L2 instruction.

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Hi there!! For the communicative approach you can try the book "The Communicative Approach to Language Teaching" by Brumfit and Johnson (1979) OUP. I hope you find this infoormation useful. Regards from Mexico City.