Hi,One of friend has started a new company, The company is into corporate training, contract staffing, consulting. he want to write a introduction letter to introduce the services to the corporate companies. he was asking me for help how to write a effective introduction letter.

Could anyone help to write effective introduction letter
Basically, start with an introduction of the company and its aims.
Then describe briefly the ways in which the company services will operate.
Go on to link these to the possible needs of the target companies.
End with an optimistic expression of hope that the two companies will be able to do business.

There are some good tips here: http://www.writeexpress.com/introduction.htm

Also, an example here: http://tinyurl.com/3fksrj
hi, im workinf at one group of companies and my boss want me to do some introduction business letter for the one company, the company is coffee shop and he want toa add the coffe shop into our group, please help me about the introduction letter because i have no idea how to do it.


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writing introductory letter for a small business like yours should be very simple. You can first of all start by introducing your company and what it does and how well the company is doing in the business world especially the successes the company gain in the past years.
You can go ahead by how costumes well like to do business with any company trading in this two commodities. I thick with this few info it well help you write your letter. You can still go asking people for help. All the best. GILBERT NUTIFAFA