I am about to open my own company (which will do business on job consultant,software development, export&import) now and thinking of a good English name. It should be :

-Good meaning
-Easy to remember
-good sound(echo)

I am thinking of some things like


(It can be a combined word also)

I am happy if someone can suggest me some good words.


PS: I am sorry if I posted in the wrong forum.
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Yes, this is the right forum, Vnjporg-- and welcome to English Forums.

I am not skilled at naming companies, but I do not like the three you suggested-- they create vague or no images at all for me, nor are they at all sonorous or business-like. First, you should consider that the name will be more than the word itself; for instance, if you chose 'Active', the name would often appear for instance as 'Active Consulting and Development, Plc.' None of your words is felicitous within this structure.

I hope other members will be able to help you, but I have an idea that the name should and will come from yourself. Feel free to try other names on us here, though. I will be happy to critique them.

Thanks for your comment.

Yeah, I do know that the name should be decided by my self but I should as many people as possible. I am happy if you and some other members here could give me some more suggestion.

I am thinking of combining words together to make a good name. For example Active Development => Actide

I will try to think of other words and post it later.

Thanks again
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I am thinking of combining words together to make a good name. For example Active Development => Actide
Well, for example with this one: what's the point? The result ('Actide') gives no hint to the customer of its source words or what it might mean-- and it looks for all the world like a chemical compound, if anything (bromide, peptide, etc). If you wish to compound words, then the result must reveal its origins-- ActDev, perhaps.
Well, I have one more

Phoenix Corporation

What do you think of it?
I like it very much indeed-- but I'll bet it has already been taken. Did you [url=http://www.google.com/search?as_q=&hl=en&num=10&btnG=Google+Search&as_epq=Phoenix+Corporation&as_... ]GOOGLE IT[/url]?
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Thanks for your quick comment.

Yes, I know it has been taken but I am in Japan now and will register it in Japan.

I think of something more:

Dyna ( take it from Dynamic)




I have to choose a word which has a good sound in Japanese too.
My opinions:

Dyna ( take it from Dynamic) -- nice

Falcon -- Peregrine or Merlin (2 species of falcon) would be more interesting in English, and have more interesting associations ('peregrination' and 'Merlin the Magician' of King Arthur's court)

Ample -- Sounds fat and relaxed in English

Bison-- sounds bovine, outdated and heavy (like the animal) in English

Thanks again.

How about:

-Red phoenix

-Blue phoenix

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