Below is part of the company profile of an enterprise, please kindly confirm if the description underneath can meet the company profile requirement,especially the underlined part and words in red and if there are any mistakes please indicate. Thanks very much!

Our company is located in the northern end of the beautiful and rich Liaodong Peninsula, China’s iron and steel capital Anshan, Anshan Iron and Steel Company to the west , the national scenic spot Mountain Qian to the south (It is surrounded by green mountains and clear water and asborbs the nimbus of heaven and earth, which is not only based on flourishing environment but also avoids the urban noises.[C1])

Small victory depends on strategy,and big victory depends on moral character.

The company sets the goals as absorbing different styles to create its own style, casting corporate boutique, creating our brand, which makes the customers experience that when they choose us, they choose the leading, economic, excellent and safe products, and also the fast, perfect, considerate and satisfactory service.

[C1]This is my version, the original Chinese was described in an idiomatic way, very strong, but personally, my translation is not good enough. So please correct it to make it more like a company profile.

Our company is located at the northern point of Liaodong Peninsula, a beautiful, rich setting. To the West is Anshan, Chinas iron and steel capital with the nationally acclaimed scenic spot, Mountain Qian to the south.

We are surrounded by clear water, fresh air and green mountains providing a peaceful setting away from urban noise and distraction. Our approaches reflect the atmosphere of clean air, clear water and the lush mountain vistas.

Small victories are limited by strategy, unlimited achievement comes from high moral character.

Our company sets the highest standard through incorporating the ideals of the best, providing us with an enviable advantage for our clients and an enviable brand for our products and services.

Customers benefit from economical, safe proven products backed up by superior after sales service.
anyone who can help? Thanks!
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