Hello Hitchhiker and mods in general, I have a question.
If I want to complain about something, which is the suitable place to do it? Topic of the moment? Make friends, meet people, friendly chat?
Or shouldn't I use this wonder of forum to do that? Besides, my complaints won't solve anything Emotion: sad
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Can anybody erase the word 'myself' in the tiltle? As in Spanish is reflexive verb I added it by mistake . I think no need in English.
Maybe you could post it under the tread suggestions in the comments section. Only Hitch can change the title.
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Hi Maj

But Comments is to say things about this site. What I have in mind doesn't have anything to do with the site.

How's things in Spain Maj?Emotion: smile
Quite busy at the moment. Very happy to see my friends again, I haven't had five minutes to be on my own. They have prepared a party for tomorrow night, you know a farewell party for the summer. I don't want to think about the fact that I'm starting work on Monday. What about you Elena?
Farewell party, sounds well well well, have good time.
I'm almost readjusted to my life in Spain, not totally, but few pieces are still outside the puzzle. The problem is that one of the pieces is very important and my lazy nature pays lots of excuses, he he. But I'll behave myself!
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You can't do that just start something and not finish it. What is that very important piece you were talking about? Is it to do with your work?
Yep, classes
You made me forget my complaint, how good!Emotion: smile
Elena: Post it in the FOO section, and we'll move it if necessary.

Maj: You can change the title of a thread, you need to click 'EDIT POST' on the first post of that thread.
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