please can someone help me out in writing a formal letter of complaint to my employer on my salary increase. i have been working with the firm for over 2 years, about a year ago an increament was made was i was sidelined and after quering the human resources dept i was informed that it was due to my immediate boss recommendation now another period for increase had come with the hope that i would be on the same level with my other colleagues only for me to find out the increment still made me to be at the bottom of the ladder.
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Hi there

What you are requesting is a salary review with your manager - not a complaint.

I do not know the circumstances as to your employment situation - BUT - make sure that you are certain of your facts before sending this letter to your manager by checking and clarifying below first.

  1. Your salary may not have increased because of an adminstrative over-sight on the manager to send the approval to the HR department OR

  2. Your performance was such that your manager it did not think it warranted an increase in salary. Salaries increases are conditional and subject to overall employee performance.
If your case relates to point 2 because of performance, then you will need to provide and present very solid evidence that during the course of the past year you have met or exceeded the job requirements BEFORE going into discussions with your manager.

**Example only**

111 Main Street
[Type in your name]

Phone: (010) 999-9999
Email: Email Removed">Email Removed

March 22 2010

Brian Jones, Manager
101 Second Avenue

Dear Mr Jones

Re: Salary Review

With reference to our meeting that was held on Friday, 10 March, 2010, where we discussed and reviewed my performance with the company over the past year, I have yet to receive any official notification as to which salary increment I will be assigned.

I referred this matter to our Human Resources department and I was advised by them that any salary adjustments have to be authorised by the immediate manager.

In the absence of any salary notification I would like to arrange a time that is convenient with you so as to discuss this further and any other matters that need to be addressed.

Thank you for your attention to my request and look forward to meeting with you soon.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]

Business Administrator

Financial Accounts

All the best.

How to complain anout the late payments on increment
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Can you please help me write a grievance letter to my pervious employer, he has made me redundant 2 weeks ago, I waited till paid day to receive my final payment but it was short there was only half the leu of notice and no holiday pay. I have asked when it will be paid and he told me when he has it. As I now have found other employment I will be taxed as having to Jobs and have to pay more tax. Really in happy.

panda witty 621Can you please help me write a grievance letter to my pervious employer,

Yes. If you follow some guidance for using our site.

1. Start a new thread with a new question.

2. Write a draft of your letter and post it. Then we can help you improve it.

We were told that after six months of working there will be an increment in our salary, well besides that I was even promoted. How do I approach the management ?

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Dear Mam/ Sir

i completed 2 year my contract please give me some idea how to apply for salary increment

Hi there i am asking if you can help me write for me a very strong letter of complaint to my company for salary increase and promotion. I have work for the company for more than 8 years, that's since on 1/11/2012. Since then I have not been promoted or is my salary increased. Do the laws of public service allows a person an operator like to work for more than 8 years in one grade and without any salary increment?

Please help i am waiting to hear from you soon.


slide paint 38laws of public service

You need to seek a lawyer in your country who understands the laws and what companies are legally required to do. We are not lawyers, nor do we know your country, company or situation.

However, if you post a draft of your letter, we can help you by fixing the grammatical errors.

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