Please help me complete these sentences correctly.

You can borrow my new bicycle, but you must be careful with it.

. . . long . . .

You can borrow my new bicycle ____________________ careful with it.

They are opening a new branch of that bookshop on out town.

. . . being . . .

A new branch of that bookshop __________________ in our town.
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First we would like to see you make an effort to produce answers. Post them here and we will check them.

Hints: #1 requires the same conjuntion before and after 'long'. #2 is mistyped: 'on out town' makes no sense, but the answer requires a present continuous passive verb form.
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Thank you for your help. Now I guessed - N1 - as long as; N2 - is being opened.

So, as for - 'on out town' - you noticed correctly it's my typing fault.

Thank you once more. Hope this forum will help me improve my English language skills.
N1 - as long as; N2 - is being opened. -- Right!

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