Hi it is some Q. I can not answer them, if you can answer them I wiil be grateful

1. I could not play because I ______ (bring) my sports shoes.
2. She was very excited because she ______ (pass) her exams.
3. I _____Emotion: sleep well, so I was very tired the next morning.
4. There was a smell in the kitchen because they ______ (throw away) the rubbish.
5. They were very late because they _______ (had) a car accident.
6. I could not get into the house because I ________ (lose) my key.
Hi - welcome to the forum.

We like people to at least have a try at these exercises first. You may be better than you think - but you can do your best anyway.

Please post what you think are the answers and we will help you understand what you may be getting wrong. If we just give you the answers you won't really learn anything.
You are right I will try

1. did not bring
2. passed
3. did not sleep
4. did not throw away
5. had
6. lost

It is my answers if it is rowng please correct it