We don't appear to have any polling facilities here, so I would like to ask you all to help me with a minor statistical analysis. Would you please complete the following sentence with the most probable comparison. Please give me a serious answer and not a humorous one, because I am interested in the validity of the possible implicated comparisons for this sentence:

"There have been twice as many imported cars this year as ________________ ."

Please try to ignore other answers and give your own most reasonable guess. Thank you very much for your assistance.

Mr. Micawber
Hello, Mister Micawber!

As you know, I'm poor at English. However, if I might say my opinion, I'd say "last year" because there is 'this year' just ahead.
- There have been twice as many imported cars this year as last year.
If there were not 'this year', I'd say "domestic cars".
- There have been twice as many imported cars as domestic cars/ones.

Have a good day!
Best regards.
Mister Micawber,

There have been twice as many imported cars this year as compared to last year.

That's my natural inclination.

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Assuming you want only one answer, probably the one that comes first to mind, I'd say simply "last". (not even with "year")

You must tell us the reason for this one and the results when you're finished!
44 views and only 3 responses? It's a simple question, I thought.

Jim, I was presented with this sentence, "there have been twice as many imported cars this year", and I said that it was a complete and correct sentence, and that the comparison was implied. Others (who will remain nameless) said that it was incomplete and that there was no implication. I am just interested in discovering if there is indeed any implication, by setting up the extension and checking the range of answers-- which so far is quite narrow, suggesting a strong implication in the original sentence.

Well, a sample of 3 does not constitute valid statistical evidence, but I thank the participants, and would welcome more.
No, no, no! I want names! And addresses! Who are these people? They must be pursued to the ends of the earth! And humiliated for their outrageous opinions!

(Just kidding, everybody! Emotion: smile )
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Just for reference! In my first language, Korean, it is more of a complete sentence, and according to context, there can be numerous, indefinite implications. For example; than our town, than usual, than imported motorcycles, than foreigners .... etc. [However, more naturally w/o 'this year' or when it is in the head of the sentence]
IMHT, it goes the same with English.
To CalifJim

No, no, no! You're serious. I think it's our true color; it's in our nature!!! (Just kidding, Jim!Emotion: wink )