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Please correct punctuation mistakes, too, if you find any.

Q) Identify complex and compound sentences.

7) Either he is drowned or some passing ship has saved him. (Compound. The use of coordinate conjunction i.e or makes the sentence a compound type but I still don't get the structure.)

8) I returned home because I was tired. (Complex)

9) They always talk who never think. (Complex)

10) He came oftener then we expected. (Complex)

11) He blushes; therefore he is guilty. (Compound)

12) A guest is unwelcome when he stays too long. (Complex)


10) He came oftener than we expected. (Complex)

11) He blushes; therefore, he is guilty. (I think you must consider these two simple sentences, since a semicolon acts like a full stop.)

He blushes ; therefore he is guilty. Why this sentence is a compound sentence?