News in newspaper is made up of four part.First , Headline is similar to topic in general paragraph,but chosen word must arouse people who read it. Second part is lead that sum up what,when,where,who,how and why in news.Next part is neck.this part is contain
anything that can't put into lead ,but it is necessarily.Last one is body. It contains detail but in particular way than lead. Every news components can have more than one paragraph except body.

If you have any suggestion about this paragraph don't hesitate to say it .

Thank you every one.
Try this:

News in the newspaper is made up of four parts. First, the headline is similar to the topic in a general paragraph, but the chosen words must arouse the people who read it. The second part is the lead, which sums up what, when, where, who, how and why of the news. The next part is the neck. This part contains anything that cannot be put into the lead, but is necessary. The last one is the body. It contains more detail than the lead. Every news component except the body can have more than one paragraph.

I think you have the idea in the last sentence reversed, Firehawk. Shouldn't it read: Only the body can have more than one paragraph?
thank you very much Mister Micawber .
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I'm thinking that you might want to arouse my interest, but not necessarily me? Even better is "capture the reader's attention."
i want more explanation
but it is very useful for me
very nice
Are you omitting the conclusion.whatever has been beginning must equally have an end
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Something is missing here,you did not include conclusion which is one of the vital component of a news. Article was helpful tho\